A musical experience
with a simple interactive touch.

"Music Box" "Costume"
AMO - Arena Museo Opera
Palazzo Forti, Verona - 2012

Client: Fondazione Arena di Verona
Museum director: Kikka Ricchio
Interaction design: Gabriel Rapetti
Video design: Mara Colombo
AV providers: Volume srl
Exhibition design: Aaahhhaaa
Graphic design: Orlandi Studio & Co
Exhibition coordination: Angelica Lucibello

The mission of the Arena Museo Opera is to restore true value and spread Italian Opera Culture around the world, with a display of original documents using the latest multimedia methods.

I have collaborated with the Interaction Designer Gabriel Rapetti, on the realization of 2 interactive rooms for the first Opening in the 2012.

We designed two simple installations: "Orchestra Box" and "Costume". Both of them are made with with archive material of the Fondazione Arena di Verona and Ricordi Archives.
The interaction was the base for discover the narrative between the real object and the projections. Touching the musical scores, or a stage costume, a composition of historical images and music, transports visitors into the magical world of Opera.