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Interactive installation using magic flashlights.

Art of Italian design

Client: Atelier Mendini
Project: N!03
Graphic design on video: Mara Colombo

Interactive video installation dedicated to six Italian design masters. the installation was shown at an exhibition curated by Atelier Mendini. It is a journey through the history of Italian design, made possible by an interactive system which allows the visitor to surf sequences of images representing objects and sketches of six Italian masters of design.

By pointing a flashlight on one of the six screens, each one dedicated to a designer, the picture is erased revealing the next underlying image. In this way, we can enjoy the access to a huge archive.

Particular attention is given to the chromatic sequence of the backgrounds and to the noises coming from the erasing gesture as well, thus providing samples of the tactile feeling of the shown objects.

Shown at

Megaron Concert Hall - Athens