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An original 3 screen documentary,
designed and edited, over the music of
Igor Stravinsky

Igor Stravinsky: A 20th Century Maestro
Three synchronyzed projection screen
Total duration: 1h
Teaser: 6':25''

Client: Meeting Mostre 2006
Project: Roberto Andreoni, Mara Colombo, Walter Muto.

This exhibition, has been conceived as a three synchronized screen documentary, designed and edited over the music of the composer Igor Stravinsky.

The documentary, fascinating with movement images, archive material, analytical patterns, quotes by and about the Composer.

I designed the 3 screens installation, thanks to the contents given me by Roberto Andreoni and Walter Muto.

Shown at

Meeting Mostre - Rimini

Festival MI_TO Settembre Musica
Museo Diffuso -Torino