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A multimedia and interactive
museum exhibition.

Martinitt and Stelline Museum
Palazzo Stelline, Milan - 2009

Client: Pio Albergo Trivulzio
Video / motion design: Mara Colombo

This multimedia path recounts the lives of the children in two Milanese orphanages in the 19th century. The Martinitt institute was a boys’ orphanage, Stelline was a girls' institution.

The particular nature of the archive material demanded much care, in order to appropriately translate into a visual and sound language the concepts, stories and documents, while respecting their nature and intrinsic value.

I collaborated with the studio N!03 on the realization of the "ironing" room. The room have a big table with six irons recalls the classrooms where Stelline students learned the art of ironing. On the surface of the table images of creased clothes are projected; visitors can iron the images and thus access brief video clips on the other activities taught to the Stelline's girls.